Are you Landlocked In Fur today?


Here’s some serotonin reducing, cortisol lowering, thyroid promoting poetry for you all today.

Landlocked in Fur

I was meditating with my cat the other day
and all of a sudden she shouted,
“What happened?”

I knew exactly what she meant, but encouraged
her to say more— feeling that if she got it all out on the table
she would sleep better that night.

So I responded, “Tell me more, dear.”
and she soulfully meowed,

“Well, I was mingled with the sky. I was comets whizzing here and there. I was suns in heat, hell—I was
galaxies. But now look— I am
landlocked in fur.”

To this I said, “I know exactly what
you mean.”

What to say about conversations
between mystics?

by Sant Tukaram Maharaj



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