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  1. Hondo10 says:


    Love your work. But may I suggest … numbering the quotes and the references to match. I would love to look up these studies and the numbers would help tremendously!

    It would be great for you to address the A1 and A2 controversy. A Ray Peat persoanl trainer/nutrition blogger Hans Amato at mens-elite has mentioned A1 acts on opioid receptor like wheat and affects hormones negatively and A2 does not. This difference could be a very expensive change to seek out A2 which is usually only available from raw milk source.

    Also, some are claiming low temperature pasteurization vs high temp makes a difference?

    Lastly, homogenization is believed to be bad?

    OK lastly, I really hate the vegetarians saying “we’re the only animal that drinks milk from another animal.” Like we’re children that believe their whole diet because they have a cute slogan to brainwash people.