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A Logical Argument For Sugar (Part 1)

The biggest problem with most of the anti-sugar arguments being thrown around as if they’re gospel, is that they simply aren’t logically sound. The bulk of them aren’t based on real science, they’re just...


Endotoxing Cancer

If you read the science, you’ll see that bacterial endotoxin (LPS) has been shown to promote the growth and spread of cancer. But only when it comes to leukemia, melanoma, lymph node metastasis, oral...


Everyone Isn’t Different.

Having a general understanding of the ways in which choices regarding nutrition, can impact upon physiology and health (including psychological state or mood), can be enlightening and empowering, as well as extremely liberating. If...


Metabolism Damaging Foods

These days it’s all the rage to talk about metabolism damaging foods, and even though it’s popular to suggest that sugar kills metabolism, this is far from true. In fact it’s the opposite of...


PUFAs Poison The Pancreas

The idea that sugar causes the pancreatic diseases – although popular – is unscientific and unsubstantiated. Meanwhile, experiments have shown that exposure to polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), can promote inflammation, pancreatitis, and the growth...


Fish Oil Fables

Even though people like to blame sugar for blood sugar issues, and many recommend fish oil as a miracle cure for diabetes (and a variety of other inflammatory conditions), lots of good science has...


Schizophrenia – Keeping It Real

 “A spontaneous recovery from schizophrenia…is so rare…that when it occurs psychiatrists routinely question the validity of the original diagnosis” – A Beautiful Mind It’s sad when you realize how much is actually known about...

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