Out Beyond Ideas…There Is A Tissue Organization Field

Somatic “The somatic mutation theory (SMT) of carcinogenesis has been the dominant force driving cancer research during the 20th century. In brief, it proposes that successive DNA mutations in a single cell cause cancer….
We propose the adoption of an alternative theory, the tissue organization field theory (TOFT) of carcinogenesis….We argue that it is necessary to abandon the somatic mutation theory.”

“We challenge the notion that cancer is a cellular problem caused by mutated genes….an alternative view….tissue organization field theory (TOFT), is based on premises that…carcinogenesis represents a problem of tissue organization…”

“The regulatory power of a mass of….normal cells is expressed in its capacity to normalize the appearance and growth behavior of solitary…neoplastic cells”

“…the differences between normal and cancerous states are instead identifiable at the tissue level of biological organization, and therefore, the search for identification of a cancer cell should be abandoned.”

“Normal growth behavior is reintroduced in solitary, carcinogen-initiated…cells by contact with an excess of normal…cells”

“Metastases are tumors that develop at a distance from their primary origin and are responsible for the death of 90% of cancer patients…Based on the…shortcomings of the SMT and the acknowledged failure of therapeutic approaches based on this theory, we conclude that TOFT explains comprehensibly carcinogenesis and the appearance of metastases.”

Many physiological and environmental factors, including hormonal responses to radiation exposure as well as toxic chemicals in food and water, have been demonstrated to interfere with the proper functioning of the organism and its energy systems, on a cellular level.

An underactive thyroid metabolism, and the subsequent release of the polyunsaturated fats into the blood, interfering with digestion and liver function, promoting serotonin, estrogen and many other inflammatory stress substances, can all help to cause and sustain field disorganisation and promote cancer.

A diet free of the polyunsaturated fats, with sufficient protein, nutrients and simple sugars from milk, cheese, gelatin, sweet ripe juicy fruits and juices, sugar and honey is one possible appropriate approach to the prevention of inflammation and the development of cancer.

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Image: “Killing Cancer Cells”
Artist: JerryKongArt

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