Monthly Archive: March 2016


Stressful thoughts and sugar.

“Some planets rolled in those openings on the side of my head. I haven’t heard anything for years. Whenever I see a mouth moving in front of me I just assume someone is saying...


Are you Landlocked In Fur today?

Here’s some serotonin reducing, cortisol lowering, thyroid promoting poetry for you all today. Landlocked in Fur I was meditating with my cat the other day and all of a sudden she shouted, “What happened?”...


Serotonin Gestures

Serotonin myth “In the 1990s, no academic could sell a message about lowered serotonin. There was no correlation between serotonin reuptake inhibiting potency and antidepressant efficacy. No one knew if SSRIs raised or lowered...