Revolting Against Science.

Quack “Perceptions that are clear and useful are the real revolutions in science, and the rest of it has to do with social and financial commitments.”
Ray Peat Phd

“The words Guru, Swami, Super Swami, Master, Teacher, Murshid,
Yogi, Priest,
most of those sporting
such a title are
just peacocks.

The litmus test is:
hold them upside down
over a cliff for a few hours.
If they don’t wet their
maybe you found a real one.”
Kabir, 15th Century

After a lifetime of exposure to inconsistencies and lies, the truth will, at first, often seem impossible and insane.

Add to the above list, doctor, healer, political leader, journalist, specialist, scientist, activist. These and many other highly significant and influential roles, require a degree of courage, self-questioning and analysis, as well as an eventual lack of fearful and overly self-protective behaviour, in order to step beyond the piles of misinformation, half truths, advertising and propaganda, and start moving within the realms of what might be considered ‘reality’.

It doesn’t matter how many carefully performed experiments continue to demonstrate the safe and powerfully protective effects of aspirin, or the inflammatory and carcinogenic effects of the polyunsaturated fats, or even, for that matter, the biological importance of salt and sugar, or the completely ‘pants on backwards’ mythology relating to the physiological significance of cholesterol, serotonin, and estrogen.

If doctors continue to make decisions on the basis of instructions given to them by pharmaceutical industry pamphlets, quoting unexamined and industry funded meta analysis, which, via statistical and other manipulations, provide directions for what is to then be considered as the ‘current consensus’;
when medical students learn from textbooks influenced by unfounded, yet highly profitable industry practices; and where government agencies continue to publish guidelines pushing powerful political, financial and economic agendas;
then the truth will continue to appear as an unlikely fairytale, and confusion and unnecessary suffering will prevail.

The time has possibly come for the arising of a greater level of awareness, allowing and encouraging generally open minded and intelligent people to begin to step outside the ‘bubble’ of their belief systems, with regards to nutrition, physiology and health, and start questioning the foundations upon which such convictions have arisen, in much the same way as appears to be occurring in many current political and social arenas.

One result of this changing perception (in relation to the work of an authentic healer or health practitioner), will be a kind of de-conditioning or re-education, eventually leading to the avoidance of the prescription of ineffective and potentially dangerous medications and nutritional recommendations.

Just like an effective ‘spiritual’ teacher, a true healer, having attained a certain degree of self-actualisation, will provide you with valuable information and guidance, helping to point you in the direction towards insight, self-reliance and independence, rather than dependency and subordination.


Image: ‘Quack’

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