Revolting Against Science.

Quack “Perceptions that are clear and useful are the real revolutions in science, and the rest of it has to do with social and financial commitments.”
Ray Peat PhD

“The words Guru, Swami, Super Swami, Master, Teacher, Murshid,
Yogi, Priest,
most of those sporting
such a title are
just peacocks.

The litmus test is:
hold them upside down
over a cliff for a few hours.
If they don’t wet their
maybe you found a real one.”
Kabir, 15th Century

After a lifetime of exposure to inconsistencies and lies, the truth will often seem impossible and insane. At least, at first.

Add to the list in the poem above a doctor, healer, political leader, journalist, specialist, scientist, and activist. These important societal roles require a degree of courage, self-questioning, analysis, and hopefully not too much fearful, self-protective behaviour to be able to step beyond the misinformation, half-truths, advertising, and propaganda to move within the realms of truth finding.

It doesn’t matter how many experiments demonstrate the safe and protective effects of progesterone, or the inflammatory and carcinogenic effects of nitric oxide and the PUFAs, or the biological importance of salt and sugar, or the “pants on backwards” narrative getting pushed in regards to cholesterol, serotonin, and estrogen.

If medical decisions get influenced by pharmaceutical industry pamphlets based on unexamined meta-analysis results filled with statistical manipulations, which determine what is considered the “current consensus”, we’re in trouble.

And if medical students learn from textbooks filled with similarly biased information; and government agencies promote health guidelines pushing powerful political, financial, and economic agendas, we’re also in trouble.

Then the truth resembles a fairy tale, and people become increasingly confused and find it difficult to know who to believe.

The time has come for encouraging a greater level of awareness, with more people stepping outside the “bubble” of their belief systems regarding nutrition, physiology, and health, to question the foundations underpinning their previous convictions.

But we also need more authentic healers and health practitioners who are unafraid of de-conditioning and re-learning, fewer prescriptions of ineffective and harmful treatment modalities, dangerous medications, and upside-down nutritional recommendations.

Just like a genuine “spiritual teacher”, a true healer provides valuable information and guidance and helps point people in the direction of insight, self-teaching and learning, and self-reliance and independence instead of dependency and subordination.


Image: ‘Quack’

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