Coffee and Sugar and Sweet Ripe Juice


‘I could not lie anymore so I started to call my dog “God.”
First he looked
then he started smiling, then he even
I kept at it: now he doesn’t even
I am wondering if this
might work on
people?’ – Sant Tukaram Maharaj

India’s great scientist, J. C. Bose, once said, “The poet is intimate with truth, while the scientist approaches awkwardly”.

In the spirit of his words, I bring a gift of truth-telling from Tukaram, equivalent to 500 published studies.

It’s about coffee and sugar and sweet ripe juice.

It goes to great lengths, explaining the intricacies of serotonin reduction, the “how-to’s” for raising dopamine levels, and the multitude of ways to find protection from estrogen.

It powerfully promotes thyroid function and teaches ways to reduce reliance upon cortisol without any medication.

Yet, if you want pharmaceutical assistance, it gives you detailed instructions.

It tells a story about gummy bears and marshmallows and lets you take a sugary sweet, yet salty glass of milk and places it on your bedside table in case you wake, your heart racing in the middle of the night.

All this without even a warning, just when you least expected it. In case you thought you had it all worked out.



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