The Anti-Depression Anti-Anxiety eBook


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The Anti-Depression Anti-Anxiety eBook examines what links depression and anxiety and other health problems, including schizophrenia, diabetes, asthma, IBS, and more. These conditions often get treated as separate, despite many reasons to consider them all as symptoms of the same metabolic interference due to too much stress and insufficient energy.



(1st edition, 407 pages, approx. 1000 study references, PDF)

Running On Empty

Flaming Depression!

Sorry! We Meant To Say Lower Serotonin

Coffee Cheer

Schizophrenia – Keeping It Real

High Anxiety, When Sugar Falls

Type 2 Depression

Ohh No. My Cholesterol Is Too Low

Stressful Thinking And Sugar

Bring Back Brown Bag Breathing

Prices Are In Australian Dollars