Intergalactic Planetary Cancer Therapy

Alexis “Therapeutic thinking has been influenced by the doctrine of the mutant cell as the initiator of cancer, leading to the idea that only things which kill the cancer cells can cure cancer. But when the body stops activating the processes of inflammation and growth, normal processes of tissue repair have an opportunity to eliminate the tumor.”
Ray Peat Phd

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, as well as being the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths.

It has been well documented that estrogen, radiation and certain environmental chemicals (which tend to interact with estrogen), are the leading causes of breast cancer.

Regardless, the ‘official’ promotion of the theory of cancer as the result of genetic mutations which predispose one to tumor development, tends to direct attention towards the development of conventional treatments revolving around surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, whilst at the same time minimising the importance of avoiding the many factors known to interfere with the processes which regulate cellular function.

“In this study, we asked whether the normal mammary gland microenvironment could direct carcinogenic…cells to participate in the normal development of the mammary gland.”

“The results show that…tumor cells are capable of interacting with the normal epithelium such that they contribute…to normal mammary gland growth and regeneration.”

“…and…reverses the tumorigenic potential of the…cells and permits their direct contribution to normal mammary development, differentiation and function.”

“This provides a mechanism through which interaction with the normal mammary microenvironment may suppress tumorigenesis.”

“The results indicate that signals emanating from a normal mammary microenvironment…suppress the cancer phenotype during glandular regeneration…”, offering “improved therapeutic possibilities for the control of mammary cancer growth.”

The polyunsaturated fats, as well as ionizing radiation and certain toxic chemicals (and some other environmental and dietary factors), powerfully interfere with thyroid function promoting the overproduction of estrogen, cortisol, serotonin and numerous other inflammatory substances.

Many of these factors can also interfere with the conversion of cholesterol into the protective hormones (pregnenolone, progesterone and dhea), all of which play a role in the reduction of inflammation and the support of healthy cellular function.

As stress of any kind (including chronic emotional distress or restriction of sugar intake), tends to promote the secretion of cortisol (and other stress related inflammatory substances), as well as the release of the polyunsaturated fats from storage, maintaining a regular supply of fuel helps to protect against this, assisting tissue organisation and providing the energy required by cells to regenerate.

A diet restricting fats (particularly polyunsaturated fat) and including regular meals combining protein from milk, cheese and gelatin, with sufficient sugar from sweet ripe juicy fruits and fruit juices, sugar or honey, is a logical approach to improving the function of the organism as a whole, and protecting from inflammatory diseases including breast and other cancers.

Many other substances, including aspirin and thyroid supplements in combination with the above measures, have been shown experimentally to provide safe and effective support and protection in relation to degeneration and disease.

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The normal mammary microenvironment suppresses the tumorigenic phenotype of mouse mammary tumor virus-neu-transformed mammary tumor cells


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