Fish Oil Fables

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  1. Jay says:

    Great article!You will be saving me from Weston Price Foundation’s WAPF promotion cod liver oil that’s expensive over time consuming teaspoon (encouraged more a day, some say they do 1 tablespoon a day), not to mention family members eating salmon and fish oil capsules, which is on top of the omega-6 soybean oiled salad dressings, mayo, in bread, and fried foods. Besides WAPF, Paleo seems really wrapped up in this omega-6 is good yet omega-3 is bad. Most non-veg diet authors catching on to the bad of omega-6 make this distinction that omega-3 is good though. Their both PUFA type of fat so it only seems logical to be skeptical about it but this one may take another 10 years for people to rethink???

  2. Hondo10 says:

    Oops, I need to edit my last post. “omega-6 is good and omega-3 is bad.” I meant the opposite obviously. Paleo warns against omega-6 as bad but then promotes omega-3 as good just like Weston A. Price Foundation along with most in health diets today.

    I’ve made headway on family and friends on your diet concepts but omega-3 fish oil has become like a red line where they can’t believe that is bad for you as well.

    Dan, do you have an overall theory how the mainstream health can be this far off on what is a healthy diet? They’re wrong on fats, salt, sugar, etc. Only thought I have is they are only concerned with how to feed 7 billion and it needs to be grown here in U.S. (soybean oil, wheat, corn) and not a foreign food like coconut oil, fruits.