Sweet Salvation

sugarheals Plain white sugar is a scientifically proven, highly effective wound-healing substance.

It gets applied successfully to treat severe, sometimes life-threatening conditions.

Sugar (when applied topically to wounds) protects against bacterial infections, speeds up healing, and reduces scarring.

For a more detailed analysis of the relationship between sugar and wounds, check out my article Sugar Heals Wounds in The How To Hasten Healing Handbook.

Here are some studies to read.

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  1. Zuckerrat says:

    When I was a kid growing up a the farm in rural Saskatchewan, our old vet used to make a solution that he called “sugardine”. It was white sugar mixed with Betadine to the consistency of peanut butter. That would be spread on a wound. It drew out infection and promoted good healing. He always said, “if you don’t have betadine, just use sugar and water”. This also works on humans too and will also draw out boils and pimples.

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