The Market Is Unsaturated.

Pufa The more unsaturated a fat, the more likely it is to promote the development of cancer.

Safflower, sunflower, corn, cottonseed, soybean, walnut, flaxseed and fish oil are all more than 50% polyunsaturated.

Some other highly unsaturated fats include sesame, peanut, Canola, avocado and olive oil.

Safe fats with low levels of unsaturation include coconut, butter, ghee, beef, lamb, and goat fat…in other words, the highly saturated fats.

It is the polyunsaturated fats (not sugar), which are the dangerous substances inside many so called health food products. Do you know where they are hiding?

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Saturation of fat and cholecystokinin release: implications for pancreatic carcinogenesis

Dietary fats and cancer

Effects of fatty acids on gap junctional communication: possible role in tumor promotion by dietary fat


Image: “OGM : les grains de la discorde”

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