Here’s To A Sweet Ripe New Year!

Sugarrrrr Welcome to 2016, the year of the revival of sugar, and the vindication of fructose.

If you have already made it, or for those of you who are still lingering in 2015, here are a few tips in relation to alcohol consumption.

Fructose or sucrose are known to accelerate the metabolism of alcohol, so it can be helpful to mix your drinks with orange juice or a sweet soda or soft drink, or just add cane sugar like they do in many countries.

“Oral administration of fructose or sucrose would result in blood alcohol levels returning to ‘sober levels’ in a considerably shorter time interval, reducing the time of sobering up by 3 to 4 hours.”

Another thing to keep in mind is that saturated fats protect your liver from – and reverse – alcoholic liver injury, whereas polyunsaturated fats offer no such protection and may in fact play a causative role.

“A diet enriched in saturated fatty acids effectively reverses alcohol-induced necrosis, inflammation, and fibrosis despite continued alcohol consumption.”

An evening of tequila with fresh lemon and lime, fresh sweet ripe fruits and juices, cane sugar, honey and a platter of mixed cheeses is a rational approach to celebrating the end of 2015 and the beginning of a new year and era of tolerance towards sugar, in its many disguises.

See more here

Increased rate of alcohol removal from blood with oral fructose and sucrose.

Dietary saturated fatty acids reverse inflammatory and fibrotic changes in rat liver despite continued ethanol administration.

Dietary saturated fatty acids: a novel treatment for alcoholic liver disease.


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