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  1. A says:

    What about ear damage and tinitus?

    • DanM@cowseatgrass says:

      One of the studies in this article talks about aspirin interfering with and depleting glycine, and glycine being given for aspirin poisoning…glycine is not only known to protect the intestines (and has been used to treat GERD and GI cancers), it also inhibits nervous system excitation and inflammation…and stress in general. Modern diets are generally deficient in glycine and so some people might be oversensitive as a result. Interference with glycine and some other inhibitory substances (see studies below)…Taurine and GABA…has been shown to be involved in tinnitus.

      • Richard says:

        Dan, So should I supplement with Glycine as opposed to aspirin? What is tinnitus and I also supplement with GABA at night. What are the best supplement stack or protocol to help heal gut and GI track before bed?

        Thanks Love your Work!!

        • DanM@cowseatgrass says:

          I personally use glycine together with aspirin, as I have seen evidence showing aspirin depletes glycine, and that this can be a factor causing issues with aspirin use. Tinnitus has been demonstrated to have a multitude of causes, with intestinal irritation and thyroid dysfunction, as well as excess PUFAs, often appearing to be central. Make sure you talk to a doctor or other health professional, but I like to use things like aspirin, glycine, activated charcoal, periactin (cyproheptadine), sodium bicarb, certain antibiotics, carrot salad, well cooked mushrooms, and some other pro-metabolic anti-inflammatory things mentioned in my articles, as well as removing harmful ingredients and making lifestyle changes of many kinds. I believe there are also nervous system issues that can be causative and often need to be addressed to fix digestion related issues. See for great info re neurophysiology.

    • DanM@cowseatgrass says:

      This is probably also relevant regarding aspirin, stress, glycine depletion, and intestinal issues…and tinnitus.

  2. Gelatin Fabrication says:

    I read an article recently, that discussed “mental illness” studies and this article referenced mental illness directed towards a likely inflammation. Since, inflammatory conditions are more likely passed on genetically. And those with inflammation and then a stress or trauma on top of that, with the inflammation that occurred first, are the ones that then have the brain problem. the theory rests that if the inflammation were treated or not present, then the “mental illness” or also seizure may not happen. Suggests also that studies show those who take Aspirin regularly suffer less “mental illness” episodes. Peace.