Be Like Sugar!

SugarBruce “We used data from a large U.S. prospective study of approximately half a million participants to assess the association between dietary sugars and risk of 24 malignancies.”

“We investigated the effect of different types of sugars, including total sugars, sucrose and fructose, as well as the effect of added sugars, added sucrose and added fructose on cancer risk.”

“After an average of 7.2 years follow-up, 29,099 men and 13,355 women were diagnosed with cancer.”

“In men, total sugars and fructose intake showed weak inverse association with risk of all cancers and lung cancer…added fructose, similar to total fructose, was associated with decreased risk of all cancers…”

“Similar to findings in men, fructose intake in women was weakly inversely associated with risk of lung cancer; we found all investigated sugars to be inversely associated with the risk of ovarian cancer…High added fructose was strongly related to lower risk of liver cancer…both added fructose and added sucrose were inversely associated with pancreatic cancer risk…”

“None of the investigated sugars were associated with colorectal cancer risk in gender-combined or gender-specific analysis…”

“Ours is the first cohort to investigate the association between different types of sugars and multiple malignancies.”

“In summary, in our large prospective study, we found no association between dietary sugars…and risk of colorectal or any other major cancer.”

It’s probably safe to say that, at least according to this study from 2012 published in the International Journal of Cancer, that sugar is doing a pretty poor job of ‘feeding cancer.’

Although potentially difficult to achieve, it would be interesting to see similar studies in relation to the long term consumption of polyunsaturated fats, both with and without sugar.

See more here

Sugars in diet and risk of cancer in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study


Image: “Drawing Bruce Lee with Sugar” Jonathan Harris YouTube

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