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  1. Are you tired of running on empty? Are you sick and tired or being sick and tired? It’s time to fuel up. It’s time to get some R.E.S.T.

  2. Jay says:

    This article is my experience for the last 20 years. Chronic anxiety that will last as long as the the job stress remains so it was a consistent 1 year once at an unusually high level most of the time. Generalized Anxiety Disorder is not normal stress I keep telling family. This is what eventually led to Dr. Ray Peat’s ideas and cowseatgrass. The diet change is opposite of what med est. recommends in many ways but I have a marked improvement. SSRI’s just worsened the condition making the experience even more maddening. A valium plus diet has made all the different for what’s worth. Valium drug Diazapem is out of patent so no wonder my doctors never recommended it. Thanks Dan for passing on valuable info!