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  1. Elie says:

    Is there a concern of cyproheptadine resistance with long term usage?

    I try to manage some of my histamine / mast cell problems with it few times a week in small dosages and it works well. It pretty much healed my IBS with half a dose, few times per week.

    Any insight that you can uncover there? Will it have withdrawal symptoms?

    Thanks for all you do. Thanks a whole lot.

  2. DanM@cowseatgrass says:

    I’m no expert on the subject of withdrawal symptoms, but I have taken it for years at a time without a break and stopped without any noticeable symptoms. It probably depends on individual metabolism. Anxiety can also be a factor. Ray Peat says that it’s good to take breaks from using it.

  3. David says:

    Is it safe for someone with very high cholesterol?

    • DanM@cowseatgrass says:

      I’m not a doctor or health practitioner of any sort, so you would have to get proper medical advice, but I personally would think that it is good for many of the issues that cause high cholesterol.