Fishy Fish Oil

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  1. Jay says:

    I was doing Perfect Health diet (safe starches paleo) for a few years. Jaminet is doing pretzel logic that he warns against PUFA omega-6 as bad inflammatory, and fish oil is worrisome because of processing, but still need to eat salmon weekly for the omega-3 as safe and anti-inflammatory. I kept thinking it is still polyunsaturated fat? Weston A. Price Foundation heavily endorses cod liver oil as a superfood, even “fermented” cod liver oil. It tastes terrible. But hey Britain did it historically so it must be good. You’re right fish oil has now gotten a “good” status and will takes years to reverse the reputation. Peat mentions it changed when Scandinavians countries changed laws on dumping fish oil waste and presto it’s health food. Well, great job here. Now I can forward something along to friends wasting money and harming health. “Fishy” I saw that. 🙂

    • DanM@cowseatgrass says:

      Thanks…My previous article on Fish Oil is more detailed…it’s linked in this article.

  2. Kendra Smith says:

    So, do we assume that this will cause the same issues in dogs?

    • DanM@cowseatgrass says:

      I assume that is true.

      • Kendra Smith says:

        That’s what I was thinking. Its funny, I have 2 dogs who are getting elderly and vet has been suggesting for a long time to put on Glucosamine and Fish oil. Well I did start a dog glucosamine, but not fish oil because I didn’t think fish oil would be good for them either. Then of course I realized I haven’t checked the label on the glucosamine that I was giving, I did and it contains Fish Oil in it.
        This is funny to me because the dog that was limping had improvement initially and now has gone back to limping some. My other dog, who had no visible issues when I started it, now here we are 6ish months later and he has now all the sudden developed issues in his hips and back legs.
        This all leads to my conclusion that the fish oil is having negative effects on him. I have stopped giving it currently and I’m curious to see if his condition improves.